Bonn Climate Change Conference - June 2023 meetings schedule

schedule for

Time Title Room Notes
15:00-18:00 2nd Glasgow Dialogue- Breakout group 4 Addis Abeba 1/2/3
15:00-18:00 2nd Glasgow Dialogue - Breakout group 2 Wien 1/2
15:00-18:00 2nd Glasgow Dialogue-Breakout group 3 Tokio 1/2 Open except media
15:00-18:00 2nd Glasgow Dialogue-Breakout group 1 AH Lower Conference room
16:15-17:30 CGIAR System Organization, CIP: Attribution and assessment of loss and damage in agri-food systems in the Global South Bonn 1/2/3
16:15-17:30 UNFCCC: Green Hydrogen and other transformative Innovations for the Energy Transition Berlin 1/2
16:45-18:00 IETA, ICC: Mobilizing Private Investments: The Role of the Private Sector and Carbon Markets in the GST Kaminzimmer
17:00-18:00 Sharm el-Sheikh mitigation ambition and implementation work programme - Informal Consultation - Prov. Agenda Item SBSTA18/Sup. Prov. Agenda Item SBI 21 Genf Open except media
17:00-18:00 Work programme under the framework for non-market approaches referred to in Article 6, paragraph 8, of the Paris Agreement and in decision 4/CMA.3 - Contact Group - Provisional Agenda Item SBSTA 15 Nairobi 1/2/3 Parties and Observers only
17:00-18:00 Matters relating to capacity-building - Informal Consultation - Supplementary Provisional Agenda Items SBI 18 Bangkok Open except media
18:00-19:00 Continuation of GST TD RT Means of implementation Genf Open except media
18:00-19:00 African Group Daily evening coordination meeting Nairobi 1/2/3
18:00-19:00 SIDS Daily evening coordination meeting Bangkok